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To create a custom Shopify website and new brand identity for REPENTANCE x SMILE, a Manchester-based clothing and footwear brand with a multifaceted approach to bespoke clothing.

Founder, Josue Ziza, approached MadeByShape with an existing Shopify site and Branding that lacked personality, professionalism, and a coherent identity. With a small budget, we transformed their brand to mirror their unique enhancements of classic silhouettes.

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Repentance logo stickers

Cohesive Brand Identity

With completely bespoke and uniques pieces, we developed the whole brand identity from strategy to visual identity, taking inspiration from the clothing customisation itself. To ensure cohesiveness, the recognisable Smiley marks were designed in line with the website, retaining a systematic approach to its identity.

Billboard repentance
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Simplified E-commerce Experience

With a small collection of products, REPENTANCE x SMILE needed a streamlined website that showcased the quality & uniqueness of their products as well as reflecting the price tag. With a small budget and quick turnaround, Shopify was the answer. Although already built back end, this allows our Developers to customise the site as much as possible in line with the brand, making it as unique as possible, down to the details.

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Iphone 2020
Repentance stickers
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