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Front End Developer

We're looking for an experienced front end developer to work with our team on various projects. The position is open for discussion whether this is remote or in the studio - but we're looking at a short term contract of 1 - 2 months, with around 7 hours work each day, with the possibility of joining the team full-time at the end of the term. We have recently won a number of client projects and are looking for an extra pair of dev hands to help the workflow and ease the project list.

Necessary Skills

  • Tailwind CSS - We're looking primarily for a developer that has used Tailwind CSS before or is comfortable using utility first frameworks. We use this framework for faster development, and you will need to work with our coding rules and best practices. This means you must know HTML and know this in-depth.
  • Other Tech/Languages - Our core framework relies on vanilla JS and requires knowledge of AlpineJS for speed. As well, we'd be looking for a developer that's comfortable using webpack/gulp, git and node/npm.
  • Accessible Code - It's vital that the code is accessible and accessibility rules are considered when developing. E.g. Using aria parameters, focus states and image alt tags as a fundamental example.
  • Communication - Because the position is potentially going to be remote, communication over Slack and Email (And updates on Trello) will be vital to keeping the team up to date with progress on projects.
  • Time Management Skills - It's essential that you show exceptional self-time management skills. At MadeByShape, all of our team members self manage their own time when given a deadline. So knowing how to split up deadlines into smaller chunks and know which ones are priority is more on the developer than a project manager.
  • Attention to Details - We like pixel-perfect designs and colours being correct, so attention to detail when developing is a must. Developers are responsible for their quality assurance and testing their work.

Bonus Skills

  • Craft CMS, Twig, PHP, MySQL etc. - Whilst we're looking for a front end developer, we work primarily with Craft CMS, so if you have knowledge and experience using this CMS, this would be a big help.
  • VueJS - Although the projects required for the short term won't likely use VueJS, an understanding of VueJS and frameworks like Nuxt and Gridsome would be great to understand if taken on for a full-time role or further shorter contracts.
Andy sketching ideas during a meeting

About the position


  • Projects will include mainly Commerce, and although they won't require Commerce knowledge, understanding how these function to add extra functionality will be fundamental.
  • Code websites from a Figma design that will be provided with the appropriate assets.
  • Provide time estimates to project managers to allow us to keep clients up to date with progress.
  • Although there will be three other developers on the team, understanding how to solve your coding issues will be required. But help is needed as a last resort from fellow developers.
  • Join in on zoom calls to discuss the projects.


We're open to working with developers in any location but would prefer if your regular work hours overlapped ours in the UK (GMT+1) for any zoom meetings. If you're based in Manchester, UK, you will have the ability to work in our studio when desks are available.

Contract Term and Duration

We have immediate projects that need completing. So this is initially for 1-2 month contract and will be discussed thereafter.

Please provide us with a monthly rate to start immediately.


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