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How to create a high converting website landing page

You may think that creating a landing page is simple. Let’s be honest—it’s not rocket science but it does take a bit of work.

The aim of your landing page is to give the customer exactly what they want, ask yourself ‘What does the user come to my site for? What do they need? What do they want?’

This will help you to come up with a list of important elements and pieces of information to help you design a high converting website landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

The main goal of a great landing page is to increase conversion rates which helps you to reach your business growth. A landing page can be many things, from a homepage to another single page created for a specific campaign, product, or sale.

A landing page is usually promoted through Google Adwords or similar services, and the page has been created for one reason: to higher conversion.

Benefits of a good landing page.

A good landing page has many different benefits as well as increasing conversion. Here are a few examples:

Increasing your website’s SEO Ranking

First and foremost a landing page helps to improve your overall SEO. A good landing page can make it possible for you to target certain key words and search terms which in turn will help you to get more users coming to your site. There are a load of cool ways of promoting your site via Google Adwords and other paid methods. Promoting your landing page will ultimately up your domain authority, and improve your sites ranking to get your product, promotion, or company seen by a far wider audience.

Advertising or promoting an upcoming sale, event or product.

A landing page can be created to increase the coverage of a new product, event, or sale.

Making the buying process more efficient

A good landing page is there as a kind of portal to move visitors down to where they want to be. Instead of risking losing sales or potential customers who may miss your call to actions, you're making sure they get to where they want to go effortlessly with very clear and obvious banners, and sections. This will help with conversion.

6 Essential Landing Page Elements.

1. Appealing aesthetics

Giving your page a killer UI will help visitors to your site want to stay and browse, because nobody wants to spend time looking at an ugly website. A clean design will help visitors to learn more about your company, or product and thus help them see evidence of value your offering.

2. An informative headline

Copywriting is one of (if not the) most important aspects of any landing page, clear and concise copy helps the user to understand what you're about and what you're offering straight away.

3. Intuitive sub headings

An intuitive sub heading, coupled with a great headline are key to bring it home what you do and what you're about to the client once they and on your website. Sub headings are a way of helping a user kind of skim head down the page to find exactly what they're looking for. Which is great for conversion.

4. Effective photography

Photography can make or break a great landing page, it can be the difference between:

  • a user enjoying their experience on your site, trusting you and buying your product
  • to them not liking your site, feeling you're not legit and leaving promptly

Never cut corners on your photography, and if you can't afford a professional photographer, there are a load of royalty free sites out there for you to find the perfect images.

    5. Methods of contact

    Make sure your landing page has plenty of ways for the customer to convert, these could be links to your contact page, links to subscribe or links to find out more. It's important to remember that it's great getting users to land on your site but you still need them to convert.

    6. Quality guarantee

    It’s important to gain the users trust, and convey your human side. It’s no secret that conversion rate can plummet when there’s no trust in your brand. Take our own MadeByShape landing page, we appear down to earth, friendly and approachable by having plenty of studio shots of our amazing team to gain trust from the user. This is very important to us as a studio and as a brand.

    Examples of great Landing Pages.


    Shopify have nailed their landing page, its very functional with a few CTA's in key areas, yet still has a nice look and feel to it. It still looks like it's had some design input in to it. The green band colour comes through strong also

    See the site here

    Shopify Website Landing Page


    Air bnb have recently stripped back their homepage, but they are very active in changing it around. Their brand is very well known with the bright pink CTA's, playful illustrations and their landing page is always very informative.
    Keep an eye out for them change up their landing page very soon.

    See the site here

    Airbnb Website Landing Page

    Sketch App

    Sketch are another brand who use a lot of illustrations and animations to convey their services. Their landing page is minimal, with lots of CTA's and bespoke icons. As you scroll you quickly begin to get a fee for their service and product. Which is just what you want from a landing page.

    See the site here

    Sketch App Website Landing Page


    Copywriting at it's best, without using too many words they explain what they do, there are a few eye-catching CTA's, a video to explain in depth why the user should use their service and a few of their more recognised clients all above the fold.

    See the site here

    Invision Website Landing Page


    Webflow is another great example of a high converting landing page, as soon as you land on the website you know exactly what they do, it had great copy which explains them in just a few words. And it has a few nifty screenshots of their platform so a user can quickly see how simple their platform is to use. Nice row of logos above the fold to to instil that trust to the user.

    See the site here

    Webflow Website Landing Page


    A lift of great landing pages wouldn’t be complete without our very own landing page would it?! Without tooting our own horn too much, our landing page ticks every box in terms of content, photography, trust, SEO and many other things. The landing page covers just about every aspect of our studio from what we do, to who we are.

    See the site here

    MadeByShape Website Landing Page


    In case you didn't know, a landing page is a really great way of getting users not only to your site, through effective SEO but also a way of showing off your business in a unique way to you. It can be a playful homepage with lots of fun illustrations and content, or a more serious professional style of page. Whichever style fits your business best, I'd suggest thinking of ways to create a great, high converting homepage from some of the tips above.

    Do you need help creating a high converting website landing page? Why not get in touch and we'll help you along the way.

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