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Back to School, Back to LSA: 4 Ways to Learn
Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 4:10PM

Back to School, Back to LSA: 4 Ways to Learn

This back to school season, the learning doesn’t have to stop at the three-o-clock bell. It’s the perfect time to learn something new about aviation, too!

Take a look below to see the educational opportunities that abound for everyone from young enthusiasts to experienced pilots.

Early understanding

Has your child expressed an interest in aviation? Even if they’re still far too young to get behind the controls themselves, they can gain an early understanding of aviation from their very first teacher: you!

Help your young enthusiast gain a sense of familiarity with the sport by having them rent books at the library on the subject, or invite them to watch you maintain your aircraft or prepare for a flight. If that interest in flying sticks around (and we’re sure it will!), those strong foundations will help make the next steps of learning and receiving a license much more natural.

Learning through watching…

They say that the best way to learn is to do—but in the case of student pilots, age restrictions mean that full-on practice might not be feasible… at least for a couple of years! But not to worry. When kids are old enough to understand control basics and maneuvers, but not yet old enough to try them out themselves, they can gain a lot by being your passenger! You already knew weekend flights were fun, but you might not have known just how educational they can really be.

Your young pilot can also “watch” others in the industry through helpful videos, articles, and other informative content. Sites like aim to provide the younger generation with a knowledge and familiarity of all things aviation, and they’re worth checking out!

… and then by doing

At the age of 16, hopeful pilots can fly solo as part of the requisite practice for their license (which they can receive at 17). But they also need to fly for some time alongside an instructor. Flight schools and courses can help student pilots get there, but these opportunities aren’t just for teens looking to get their license! If you’ve always been interested in aviation, but have never actually flown yourself, then the benefits of back to school season can apply to you, too!

Continued education

So maybe you’ve been flying for years, and know every maneuver in the book. Is there still more to learn?

We think so! As an experienced pilot, you can supplement your skills with a current knowledge of the industry. Keep up with sites and events like ours to connect with the newest facts and faces of the field, or log onto a resource like to see helpful news items and updates.

We hope that today’s blog has encouraged you or a loved one to learn something new about aviation! It’s never too late to practice a new skill or catch up on the industry, and we think there’s no time like the present to do just that.








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