jamie oliver’s cherry tomato and sausage bake


I love Jamie Oliver. I loved Food Revolution and I especially loved it when he cried, which was quite often. He was so passionate about getting the unfazed children and their pink slime-loving parents in Huntington, West Virginia to get their vegetables. He was fairly successful for the most part — they did eat their vegetables. But did they eat their vegetables after he left? Nahhh… chicken nuggets 4eva!

Maybe he should have made this dish: sweet cherry tomato and sausage bake.

I made it last night for girlfriends and served it with a scoop of creamy fresh ricotta and a lemon-parm arugula salad. I also threw in a bag of frozen fire-roasted peppers and onions that I had from Trader Joe’s that rounded out the vegetables nicely. Sorry, Jamie. Convenience (in this case) totally rules.

jamie oliver sweet cherry tomato and sausage bake

I’m not a huge fan of Italian sausages but someone in my building makes sausages with peppers and onions every Sunday and I felt inspired. Or maybe my stomach just felt inspired. However, whenever I make sausage and peppers (the EVOO-based kind, not the tinned tomato kind), it just turns into a big greasy unappetizing mess.

But this was a happy medium and was so crazy delicious. We devoured it with big glasses of wine before going out for the evening. So good. All I wanted to do was buy a huge loaf of crusty bread and mop up the sweet vinegary sauce but I plan to take my leftovers and toss them with some whole wheat pasta tonight for dinner instead. Priorities, Rachel.

Make it tonight. Seriously.

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One Response to jamie oliver’s cherry tomato and sausage bake

  1. putneyfarm says:

    Looks / sounds great- nice photos!

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