my love/hate relationship with lands’ end canvas


Let me preface this post with a bit of a disclaimer: I do not own anything from Lands’ End Canvas.  I do have a few polo shirts from Lands’ End (sans the Canvas) but have yet to order anything from the (allegedly more “contemporary”) Canvas line… and this is why…

Lands’ End Canvas always baffled me. The concept was great, the design team/story behind the line was spot on, the execution/timing couldn’t have been better… but I hated the styling. The pieces might be cute, the cuts might be more modern, but the styling… please, stick on a monogram and mail it to my great aunt because there’s no way in hell I’d wear any of these misshapen sweater sets. Ironic? No. Tragic? Yes.

Even several seasons in, the product styling still manages to disappoint.

For example, see above. Two shots of the same Angora Boyfriend Sweater. The catalog shot (left) is great but the product photo (right)… what happened there? White on white on white? Strange one-sided cleavage?? And why is the catalog shot so much better?

And again, below. The very simple, very coveted Aran Crewneck (catalog left, product right, obviously)… how can it be so easy to make such a classic piece look so cheesy?


However, I have to admit: the prices are good and I do believe in the quality of Lands’ End goods… so despite poor styling tactics, it’s still pretty tempting for me to start ordering away online. Also, my rational brain is telling me their target online demographic might be a bit older which explains the super safe (super lame) product styling… but that makes us what? The catalog generation?

But I think my question is — do you trust a company that employs such more dated styling techniques but is still known for its classic workmanship to be able to produce quality and market ready contemporary apparel?

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2 Responses to my love/hate relationship with lands’ end canvas

  1. Kristen says:

    Good question. I think I have plenty of “conservative” pieces that I just have use my brain to style a bit younger. And I have plenty of “trendy” pieces that I need to style up for a bit of class. Normally I would guess that product photos would be to show off the actual garment, while the catalog would give you styling ideas, but if that were the case, why the wretched scarves?

  2. Beth says:

    I think they are trying to show as many of their products together..and many times it falls short

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